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Allready seen those beaautifull hpux tools collection --> http://hpux.ch/index.php/HPUX::Tools
Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit
QXCR1001046829: ECM toolkit B.05.00 PHSS_40986 only first ASM diskgroup
is mounted

What is the problem? If multiple ASM disk groups are configured for the ASM instance, then the
ECMT Oracle Toolkit will mount only the first disk group.

What is the workaround?
HP Answer: The fix will be incorporated in a future patch for Enterprise Cluster
Master Toolkit.

→ → My Answer: is here
Interesting links about hp-ux on hp.com

Metro Cluster: http://docs.hp.com/hpux/ha/index.html#MetroCluster

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Mail a file with mailx
This is the magic line to send a file from hp-ux to a mail address over mailx
# uuencode file.ext $(basename file.ext) | mailx -s "subject" friend@domain.ch
LVM Hacks
Have a look at the new entry about showing the LVM Header information:
HPUX advantages
  • Virtual machines integrated in OS
  • One Cluster solution integrated in OS
  • Native Multipathing integrated in the contained drivers
  • Cluster Files System possible
  • VxVM possible
Free Online Quorum Server for Service Guard Cluster

Did you already know about the free online quorum server for service guard clusters?

It's name is


you are allowed to use it perhaps for some temporary solutions or test clusters.

Give me feedback if you have some trouble...